Glenn Beck's chalkboard and reading lists often make his nightly Fox News broadcasts seem like university lectures. But the conservative firebrand has never tried to monetize his teachings – until now. For $9.95 a month or $74.95 a year, Beck fans can now enroll for Glenn Beck University, a series of online lectures and discussions which promises to "explore the concepts of Faith, Hope and Charity and show you how they influence America's past, her present and most importantly her future." The "University," complete with Ivy League-style crest, is certainly "exciting news," says Adam Weinstein at Mother Jones. To celebrate, we came up with some potential courses: "Semiotics of Tricornered Hats"; "Psych 301: Paranoia as Therapeutic Alternative"; and "Underwater Conspiracy Weaving." Joke if you like, says Scott Jaschik at Inside Higher Education, but Beck has signed up at least one "traditional academic" — Louisiana State University political science professor James R. Stoner, who brings both "strong scholarly and conservative credentials" to the course. Watch a Keith Olbermann segment on Beck University: