The largest house in America is now for sale. Nicknamed "Versailles" and built in the style of its namesake, the Orlando residence, owned by timeshare mogul David Siegel, remains under construction. When complete, it will boast a rock grotto with a waterfall, a roller rink, and a bowling alley, among many, many other indulgences. So just how big is "Versailles"? Here, a look at the numbers:

Total square footage of the house — equivalent to almost two football fields

Number of average American homes it would take to equal the size of "Versailles"

Number of bedrooms

Square footage of the master bedroom

Number of full bathrooms

Number of kitchens, including a banquet kitchen and 10 satellite kitchens

Diameter, in feet, of the grand hall's stained glass dome

Number of cars that fit in the garage

Height, in feet, of the structure (although the first floor is situated underground to stay under the local height limit)

Length, in feet, of the Olympic-size swimming pool

$75 million
Price tag for the unfinished house

12 to 18
Estimated number of months it will take to finish construction, if the buyer sticks to Siegel's original plans

$100 million
Pricetag of a completed  "Versailles"

Source: Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, New Jersey Star-Ledger