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Results: Given that Sex & The City’s movie producers are clearly running out of plots (and bombed with their latest), we asked you for a new one. You shoed in:
FIRST PRIZE: The ladies get new boyfriends—and they’re all teenage vampires!
Tom Hill, Portland, OR
SECOND PLACE: This time, it's Yemen, where the four run afoul of Sharia law and are stoned to death with their own shoes.
Bill Muse, Seattle
THIRD PRIZE: Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha travel cross country in a hot pink Winnebago searching for an assisted living community with really large closets.
Lisa Katz, Cherry Hill NJ

In this sequel, the four women survive a plane crash and find themselves on a mysterious island with the cast from “Lost."
Manny Kaplan, St. Louis Park, MN

Charlotte finds a gray hair, Carrie gets a bunion, Samantha turns down sex, and Miranda comes out as a lesbian!
Rachel Resnikoff, Berkeley
The girls rush to the Gulf with a plan to save the oil-soaked wildlife by dressing them in the latest designer clothes.
Andy Miller, Encino, CA

“Sex change and the City’’—The girls receive hormone treatments and go on the prowl as men.
Phil White, Fresh Meadows, NY

A Bond-like villain has stolen the world's supply of Viagra! The girls go on a mission to get it back.
Alan Parven, Commerce Township, MI

When Carrie dies from a heart attack, the girls introduce Big to Scarlett Johansson.
Claudia Fessenden, Newport Coast, CA

The four seek simpler lives and move to Montana to open an Arby's.
John Walsh, Conifer, CO

The girls make the mistake of sipping Cosmos at a Malaysian bar and are caned.
Jeffrey Contompasis, Ashburn, VA

The girls bring high fashion to Washington, D.C. when Samantha is elected President of the United States after a brief stint as the Governor of American Samoa.
Gia Paladino, Los Angeles

Carrie et. al. go on a 5-day fishing trip out from Pensacola and end up using their Manolo heels to spear oil-covered fish while Samantha gathers local talent to create a fundraising “2011 Gulf Shrimpers Nude Calendar.”
Nancy Swindell, Mount Laurel, NJ

Sex and the City 3: Men on the Moon?
Marilyn Jones, Medina, OH

Sex and the City 3: Dying Alone.
Warren Scrivani, Raleigh, NC