Though considerably less momentous than Al and Tipper Gore's split after 40 years of marriage, celebrity magazines still pounced on last week's announcement that Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were separating. The couple, featured narcissists on reality show "The Hills," recently gained new notoriety thanks to the 23-year-old Montag's plastic surgery binge (supposedly spurred by Pratt). But news that Heidi is prepping a new reality TV show without Spencer, allegedly for his production company, has bloggers asking if the "separation" is just another bid for attention, as fake as Montag's plastic appendages. (Watch some celebrities react to Heidi's breakup)

Even if the breakup is real, it's still hard to believe: This "attention-starved couple is notorious for pulling wacky publicity stunts," says Rebecca Brown at MTV's Remote Control blog. Given the couple's bizarre history, "we can't blame anyone for writing [their split] off as... another way to drum up buzz."
"'Hills' fans aren't buying the Speidi split"

The breakup's a stunt, but we're the fools: There's no doubt this breakup is another "machination for more attention," says Tracie at Jezebel. Exhibit A: "The hilarious 'candid' paparazzi photos" depicting a fake-despondent Heidi wandering on the lawn with her best friend. But wait a second: "Who really are the idiots here? The girl with the "garishly large boobs" and sleazy husband, or the American public, "for giving them what they're asking for?"
"The real story behind Heidi and Spencer's probably fake divorce"

Only Spencer and Heidi know the truth: When almost every rumor about this loathsome pair comes from an unnamed "insider," it's hard to know which end is up, says Nads at TVGasm. "It's almost like they have story meetings every morning to conjure up their next big thing...The two of them are like the annoying kids at the pool with the media, 'Mommy look, mommy look, I got fake boobs!'  And, I’m at the point where I just want to say, 'Okay honey, that’s nice... now go play while Mommy has a beer.'"
"Heidi and Spencer's split was fake - and I'm short"