Arizona governor Jan Brewer has enlisted the help of a singing frog muppet to defend the state's controversial new immigration law, which she signed. In an unusual TV ad in support of Brewer's re-election campaign, the Kermit-like hand puppet sings a Sesame Street-style diddy about the importance of reading — interspersed with clips of various Democrat critics admitting they had not read the Arizona immigration bill. "Ask those trying to boycott Arizona if they have read the law," advises a caption at the end of the spot. What do commentators make of the tactic? "Sometimes the simplest of answers is what’s needed for the most complex of questions," says Shannon Bell at Right Pundits. With this "brilliant" ad, Brewer "continues to outclass" her critics. All this ad does, says Andrea Nill at Think Progress, is "distract from the fact that a lot of [Democrats'] criticisms of the law are justified." Watch Brewer's singing frog video here: