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Results: After G.E. made a $10.8 billion profit but managed not to pay a single cent in U.S. income taxes, it seemed time to give them a new slogan. You lit in with:
FIRST PRIZE: We Bring Good Things To Us!
Denny Svitek, Eighty Four, PA

SECOND PLACE: Imagination at Work (In Our Accounting Department)
Bethany Wheeling, Finksburg, MD

THIRD PLACE: Illumination Without Taxation
Debi Hanuscin, Coumbia, MA

How many light bulbs does it take to screw a taxpayer?
Virginia Wilkins, Lakewood, CO
Profit is Our Most Important Product
Carl Powers, Gold River, CA
Reducing our carbon footprint by writing fewer checks
Larry Emsweller, Munster, IN
Just another “Bright Idea”
Shirley Burt, Pine Island, MN
Lighting Homes and Cooking Books
Tom Hill, Portland, OR
We make money so you don’t have to
Cydney Langford, LaVergne, TN
Better Living Through Chicanery
Jim Bradt, Clayton, CA
Making tomorrow’s deficit today
Paul Brown, Miami
We support smaller government
Tom Duffey, Fort Myers, FL
We evade taxes and pass the savings on to you!
Tim Lanter, Alexandria, KY
We’re going green!
Gail Watts, Glendale, AZ
Now all that’s inevitable is death
Philip White, Flushing, NY
Government Exempt
Max Legg, Sedro Woolley, WA
Our engineers work as hard as our accountants
Adam Kupec, Pittsburgh
When it comes to paying taxes, we’re number none
Wayne D. Kerr, La Crescenta, CA
We have some of the brightest bulbs in the world…in accounting
Lori Allenbaugh, Bayfield, CO
Magic at Work
Jeff Staser, Anchorage
Ha Ha
Bryan McGrath, Wakefield, MA
GEe, we forgot
John Stinson, Springfield, MO