In the wake of last week's Madonna-saturated Glee stunt, other stars—or, at least, their managers—are clamoring to "inspire" their own episode. Britney Spears' manager, Adam Leber, has issued a flurry of unsubtle tweets to fans: "Do you guys want to see a Britney Spears episode of GLEE? Thoughts?" Reportedly, the creators of Glee, who have a Lady Gaga tribute in the works and are rumored to be eyeing Courtney Love, Billy Joel, and Led Zeppelin, are "seriously considering" the idea. Smart move?

Spears is more pop-culturally significant than Lady Gaga: If relative newcomer Lady Gaga has been judged worthy of a Glee themed episode, why wouldn't Spears?, asks Molls at Evil Beet Gossip. Spears' hits still have obvious staying power "up to a decade" after their release. "Let's see if we're still bumping Bad Romance in 2020."
"A Britney Spears episode of Glee seems like the only logical choice"

Glee should stop while it's ahead: While the Madonna episode was undeniably "awesome," attaching a superstar's name to each show could trigger the show's downfall, says Daisy at Backseat Cuddler. There won't be much joy if the producers sacrifice plot to churn out "vanity driven" single-artist episodes.
"Glee to be Britney-fied Ya'll!"

Glee has shown little interest in Britney to date: It may be worth noting, says Leah Collins in the Montreal Gazette, that the third Glee soundtrack CD (due out May 18) is Britney-free, though "Gleeks can look forward to renditions of 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'... and Beck's 'Loser' (seriously) in coming episodes."
"Does Britney deserve a Madonna-like Glee episode?"