Christina Hendricks, the famously un-skinny "Mad Men" co-star, landed the cover of Esquire's May issue after beating out Victoria's Secret spokes-beauty Adriana Lima and Transformers star Megan Fox in the magazine's "best-looking woman" contest. But some critics see a serious flaw in the cover photo, claiming that it, well, looks nothing like Christina Hendricks. "Look, I love me some Christina Hendricks," says Amelia McDonell-Parry in The Frisky. But if the "pretentious nerds/tools who work at Esquire" really think she's the world's best-looking woman, "why did they Photoshop her [face] to look like Julianne Moore?" Who cares, asks blogger Castina in PopCrunch. Even if a New York Times blogger called Hendricks "fat" earlier this year, clearly some people define beauty more broadly. View the cover below:

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