Tea Party protesters are gathering at anti-tax rallies nationwide today, but not everybody is angry about tax day. In a USA Today op-ed, writer Rich Benjamin argues that paying taxes your "fair share" of taxes is patriotic and pro-business. "I secretly love the ritual" of visiting the accountant, he says, and "deep in my bones, that place that speaks my mind, I am proud and glad to pay my income taxes." Here's an excerpt of Benjamin's love letter to taxation: 

"In contrast to Tea Party 'patriots,' I fervently support income taxes.


Paying income taxes confirms my pride as a modern-day American citizen. As loudly as I might declare my love for this country, I need to put my money where my mouth flaps. For those like me — not fighting in Afghanistan, not toiling in our foreign service, not extinguishing fires or fighting crime as a public servant — paying taxes makes real my commitment to a functioning America."

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