Set to compete in this year's Masters Tournament, Tiger Woods marked his post-sex scandal return to pro golf with a nationally televised press conference at Georgia's August National Golf Club. Here, a by-the-numbers look at Tiger's first big step back into the public eye:

The number of print and TV journalists who attended Woods' press conference Monday

The number of questions Woods took in his 35-minute Q&A

The number of former Secret Service and FBI agents acting as Tiger's bodyguards at the Masters; some will be armed

The number of days Tiger spent in rehab. "That's personal," Woods told reporters who inquired about his specific rehab goals.

The number of times Woods says Canadian sports medicine expert Anthony Galea — under federal investigation for allegedly giving athletes performance-enhancing drugs — visited him at home

The amount of human growth hormone or other performance-enhancing or illegal drugs Woods says he's used

The number of stitches Woods had sewn in his lip after his scandal-launching Thanksgiving car crash

The fine he paid in connection with the crash

The year Tiger won his first Masters

The number of Masters titles Woods has won so far

The total number of major championships he's won

The current record of major titles, held by Jack Nicklaus

The number of press conferences given by Tiger accusers since April 2; in the first, his kindergarten teacher demanded an apology for what she calls a false story about Tiger undergoing a racial hazing on his first day of school; in the second, held Monday, alleged mistress Joslyn James called Woods a "big fat liar"

$10 million
The "ballpark" amount Tiger paid alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel to stay silent about their affair, according to celebrity blog TMZ

The price of a Subway chicken wrap, which alleged mistress Mindy Lawton tells Vanity Fair is the only thing Tiger ever bought her

The number of major sponsors who've dropped Woods during the scandal: Gatorade, Accenture, AT&T, and (effectively) Gillette

The number of high-profile sponsors who've kept Tiger: Nike and Electronic Arts

The cost to play Electronic Arts' new online video game, "Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online," being released Tuesday

The average age of the target male for "Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online"

The number of hours of productivity EA believes its new online game will rob from America's workforce

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