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Trump supporters went wild over the Patriots' Super Bowl comeback

With the New England Patriots trailing by 25 points Sunday, the Atlanta Falcons' Super Bowl win looked as certain as many pundits predicted Hillary Clinton's presidential election victory would be. But then the Patriots surprised everyone, rebounding to tie the score and then going on to win 34-28 — just like, some might say, now-President Donald Trump rebounded to trounce Clinton on election night.

Trump supporters went wild on Twitter after the final whistle, comparing the glee of the Patriots' unexpected win to the joy they felt after Trump's unexpected election triumph. Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr., was quick to point out this wasn't the first time he'd seen such a favored winner tumble to defeat:

And he certainly wasn't the only one to see the parallels:

Trump, surprisingly, didn't take the opportunity to relive his election night victory. Becca Stanek