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Results: In light of a Romanian road sign that warns, “Attention! Drunks!” we asked you to come up with a sign warning motorists of a common hazard where you live. You sped in with:

FIRST PRIZE: Prepare to Stop: Road Crew Watching Man at Work
Irene Minerick, Bandon, OR 

Second Place: Since our unemployment rate here exceeds 15 percent: Caution: Men Not Working
Kurt Marquardt, Racine, WI
Third Place: Nothing unusual ahead, but we had money to spend and the sign company charged us by the letter. This sign was paid for by the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act
Ashley Ryan, Catonsville, MD

Last Coffee for Six Blocks
Bill Muse, Seattle
Yield to Speeding Toyotas
Gary Daniels, National City, CA
DANGER! Distracted Driving Kills. Text “ALERT” to Local Police to Report Distracted Drivers
Bethany Wheeling, Finksburg, MD
Attention: Wandering Tourists
Megan Resnik, Estrada Camarillo, CA
Attention: Your kids are Being Bad in the Backseat
Kristy Rimwood, Owings Mills, MD
Traffic Circle Coming Up. Have Fun
Bryan McGrath, Wakefield, MA
Danger: Moms in SUVs on Cell Phone
Adam Roslovic, New Albany, OH
Lobbyist Crossing (Sign shows silhouette of guy carrying moneybags)
Jeffrey Contompasis, Ashburn, VA
Next 2 Miles: Wall Street Executives Crossing No Speed Limit
Jim Halverson, Westchester County, NY    

Warning: Local Drivers Waiting for Public-Option Cataract Surgery. Drive with care!
Ernest Delmoe, Peoria, AZ
I live in Maui, hence: Please Don't Feed the Stoned Surfers
John Stefanic, Haiku, HI
I live in the golf capitol of the USA, hence: Warning: Angry Retired Republicans with Clubs.
Marc Riggsbee, Pinehurst, NC
I live in Berkeley, hence: (Picture of a helmeted bicyclist accosting a motorist) Attention: Explosive Self-Righteousness
Brian Masselink, Berkeley, CA
Prius Unintended Acceleration Lane Only
Ed Markarian, Santa Monica CA

I live in Harvard Square, hence: Caution:  Vocabularies May Be Larger than They Appear
Marianne Crane, Cambridge, MA
I live near Moose, Wyoming, hence: Caution: Large, Eponymous Mammals Crossing
Gregory Zeigler, Jackson, WY
Prepare to Dodge Misaligned Traffic Cones
Tom K. Cook, Suwanee, GA  
Do not steal this sign to hang in your bedroom
Darcie Burrell, Eugene, OR
CAUTION: People in this area drive like YOU!
Don Midway, Bethlehem, PA