Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh told listeners this week that he would "go to Costa Rica" if the Democratic health-care reform plan is passed and enacted. Liberal bloggers greeted the threat with frenzied delight — urging Limbaugh to make good on his promise — while their exasperated conservative counterparts came to Limbaugh's defense. Here's how the online commentary broke down:

Another reason to pass health reform: "You hear that, guys?" asks Ezra Klein in The Washington Post. "Health-care reform will not only cover 30 million Americans and reduce the deficit, but it'll also get rid of Rush Limbaugh! This is, like, the best bill ever!"

Rush is endorsing socialized medicine: "[Supplying] details and context to Limbaugh's nonsense is usually a waste of time," says Steve Benen in Washington Monthly, but it's worth noting that "the national health care system in Costa Rica is socialized and generally considered the best in Latin America."

Lefties are twisting Limbaugh's words, yet again: "For a bunch of people who defended Bill Clinton when he cast doubt on the meaning of the word 'is,'" says Lance Burri at Troglopundit, "liberals sure are dense when it comes to simple English." Limbaugh didn't say he would "move" to Costa Rica. He said he would go there for health care if reform makes the U.S. system worse.

Limbaugh's argument makes perfect sense: Rush Limbaugh isn't moving, and he isn't endorsing socialized medicine, say the editors of Newsmax. As he explained on the air, "many insurance companies are making contingency plans to move to Costa Rica if Obamacare passes." If they do, Rush won't be the only American who looks overseas for prompt, affordable medical care.

Listen to Limbaugh for yourself: