Courage and Consequences: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight, Karl Rove’s long-awaited memoir — the first close look at the Bush administration by someone in Bush’s inner circle — finally hits bookstores this Tuesday. As always, Rove is polarizing commentators: Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey calls the memoir a much-needed rebuttal to the media “histrionics and nastiness” that impugned the Bush presidency. Too bad the book is so “sleep-inducing” and light on buzz-worthy bombshells, says Yael Abouhalkah at the Kansas City Star. The key problem, says The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder, is that the "overexposed" Rove, a once-“mysterious Machiavelli" no longer intrigues, thanks to his frequent appearances on Fox News and weekly column in The Wall Street Journal. Watch Rove explain why his book matters: