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Results: We asked you to come up with a much safer sport for the next Winter Olympics and you curled up with:

FIRST PRIZE: Uphill Luge
Marc Brodehl, Portland, OR
Steve Buckley, Elon, NC
THIRD PLACE: Freestyle Zamboni
Perry Palmer, Brunswick, ME

Wii Curling
Rob Crolius, Pittsburgh
Nerf Curling
Paul Barrineau, Indianapolis
Hair Curling
Paul Lutvak, New York City
Purling: Medals awarded for best Nordic sweaters knitted over the course of the Games.
David Ringold, New Haven, CT
Synchronized Salt Spreading
Sean Gladding, Lexington, KY
Speed Snow Angels
Mike Scott, Dublin, OH

Channel Surfing
Marilyn Woerner, Sea Girt, NJ
Ski pole balancing
John Guzowski, Kearney, NE
Almost Licking a Frozen Flagpole: How close and long a competitor can hold his/her tongue to a pole without touching licking it?
Megan Bury, Mendham, NJ   
Breath-Fog Exhaling: Who can exhale the most?
Julie David, New York City
Hot Chocolate Cool Down: First to blow on their hot chocolate till it reaches a drinkable temperature wins.  
Marlowe Boukis, Lutherville, MD
Ice Cube Toppling: Similar to domino-toppling, but with ice cubes.
Brian Rhoads, West Chester, OH
Nordic Combined: Car-lock de-icing/Car-starting
Bill Muse, Seattle
Tax Extension Filing
Melissa Noebes, Canton, GA
Earmuff Horseshoes
Bill Baker, Tucson, AZ
Sno-Cone Eating Contest
Barbara Hoffman, Philadelphia
Snow-Globe Shaking Contest
Andrew Trentacosta, Rancho Mirage, CA  
Catching snowflakes on your tongue
Beth Klaine, Batavia, OH  
Basset Hound Dog Sledding
Elicia Elliott, Mercer Island, WA  
Hawaiian Beach Sitting (They have a winter too, you know.)
David Levin, Edgewater, MD