Conan O'Brien's back...already? The former late-night TV host, who was pushed out by NBC last month, is reportedly planning an international comedy tour that will consist of "a series of live theatrical shows." The "revue" reportedly will feature familiar sketches and characters, along with new jokes and material. Admirers predict that the tour, whenever it is announced, will be a smash hit. Here's what's known about it so far:

What will the tour be like?
A source says the "details are unsettled," but O'Brien will probably perform at national landmarks, such as Radio City Music Hall in New York, and college campuses. He might even make some stops in Europe. O'Brien will also bring back some staff members who lost their jobs when NBC gave his time slot back to Jay Leno, says Donna Kaufman at iVillage.

Wait, is Conan allowed to do this?
As part of O'Brien's departure deal, he has to stay off of television until Sept. 1. But this plan seems to honor those terms since it "avoids all airtime." So the law is on Conan's side, says Megan Masters at E! Online, and "he should be in the clear to move ahead as expected."

What's Conan trying to prove?
The revue's surefire success will show everyone, including executives at other networks, that Conan has an "army of die-hard fans" behind him, says Lauren Hatch at Business Insider. It also keeps him working until he's free to start working for another network (probably Fox),  says Josef Adalian at TheWrap. Just as important, the barnstorming could ramp up Conan's "Internet presence" and keep his fans engaged until his return to TV.