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Results: We asked you to name the new $65 tour of Los Angeles’ gang turf that requires tourists sign a waiver acknowledging the possibility of death. You blew us away with:
FIRST PRIZE: The “More Bang for Your Buck’’ tour
Phil Litts, Elk Grove, CA (First of similar entries)

SECOND PRIZE: The “You Can Have The Window Seat, Honey” Tour
Scott Hoelscher, Portland, OR

THIRD PRIZE: Grand Theft Auto—the 3-D version
Robert Klekar, Luling, TX


Sightseeing For Dummies
Cath Ellis, Orcas, WA

Chatty, Chatty, Bang, bang
Mark Posch, Andover, MN

Point and Shoot
Corri Ell, Roanoke, VA

Survivor: Los Angeles
Bill Ferencak, Wilmington, NC

The Drive Bye-Bye Tour
Linda Wilcox, Gurnee, IL

The Bullet Bus
Peggy Harding, Palm Harbor, FL (First of similar entries)
Glock & Roll
Michael Slattery, Chatham, NJ

The Gang’s All Here Tours
Judy Perry, Newport Beach, CA (First of similar entries)
Jayne Newman, Cynthiana, KY (First of similar entries)
Bussin’ Roulette
Paul Briggs, Dunkirk, NY

Last Meals on Wheels
Stacy Harris, New York City

The Criptanic
Andrew Daniels, Hickory, NC

Slay Ride
Shirley Whitehurst, Parkton, MD (First of similar entries)
David Koblick, San Francisco

Project Gunway
George Hoffman, Naperville, IL

Dude, Where’s My Bus? Tour
Steve Kaplan, St. Louis Park, MN

Robert Perry
, Manteo, NC

Tourist Trap
Jean Miller, Williamsburg, VA

Mobile ATM
Kelly De Forrest, Seattle

So You Think You Can Duck
Bethany Wheeling, Finksburg, MD (First of similar entries)
Die Hard Five: The Bus Tour
Nora Stewart, New Haven, CT

Midfight Express
Rick Boulware, Rock Hill, SC

Have Gun, Will Travel
Wendy Eveland, Cascade, ID (First of similar entries)
"Shot on Location" – The Tour
Mrs. Ali Hughes, Albuquerque
The Magical Unsolved Mystery Tour
Lou Port, Rockville, MD

Janet Oppenheimer, Chicago

The "I Paid $65 And All I Got Was This Lousy Bullet Hole in My T-Shirt" Tour
John W. Stinson, Sprinfield, MO