More Americans trust Fox News than any other TV news network, according to a poll released this week by Public Policy Polling, a firm mainly associated with Democrats. Forty-nine percent of those polled said they trusted Fox — the next best was CNN, which had the confidence of 39 percent of respondents. The results were skewed sharply according to the politics of those polled — 74 percent of Republicans said they trusted Fox News, but no more than 23 percent of them trusted any of the other four sources (ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN). Is Fox News really the most trustworthy, or is it just telling conservatives what they want to hear?

Fox tells it like it is, and that pays: This proves once again that the Obama administration, which said Fox News peddled propaganda rather than news, is out of touch with the American people, says Jennifer Rubin in Commentary. Let this be a lesson to the mainstream media: "sycophantic coverage" of Obama "doesn’t play well with public."
"Public trusts Fox, not so much the White House"

Fox News appeals to many viewers because of its bias: Most Fox News viewers think "all news outlets are biased," says James Poniewozik in Time, and simply prefer to watch a channel that's "biased in their direction." By contrast, "the rest of the news audience either still sees neutrality as possible, or at least still values it as an ideal."
"Fox: The most trusted name in news"

Boy, journalism isn't what it used to be: This just shows what a shrewd business move it was when Fox News chief Roger Ailes elevated fiery conservative commentators over plain-old newscasters, says Douglas A. McIntyre in 24/7 Wall St. After listening to so much bloviating, the public has lost "the good judgment or desire" to distinguish between the opinions of Glenn Beck and straight news.
"Fox is most trusted network news operation"