If reports that Google will launch its own smartphone are true, the device would thrown the Internet search giant into competition with Apple's iPhone — not to mention the Motorola Droid and all other phones that use Google's Android operating system. How could this shake up the battle of the smartphones? (Watch a preview of the Google Phone)

Google can't touch iPhone: Apple can "weather any Google phone attack," says Clint Boulton in eWeek. Unlike other phone makers, Apple controls every aspect of the iPhone — hardware, apps, and services — which analysts say keeps it safe. Other smartphones, however, might be in trouble.
"Analyst: Google phone won't ding Apple's iPhone"

This would be murder for Droid: A Google phone "would be a major buzz kill for Verizon Wireless," says Matthew Shaer in The Christian Science Monitor. Verizon sells the Droid, and has just launched the new-generation Motorola handset which also uses Google's Android OS. "A Google phone, presumably, would run roughshod all over Verizon’s plans for world domination."
"Google phone rumors put damper on Droid buzz"

Google phone would hurt Google the most:
If Google's really going to launch a phone, it's "a mistake," says Dan Frommer in The Business Insider. Google hopes to make "a ton of money" selling mobile ads, so it can't scare off the partners that are using Android. Google should focus on getting the biggest cell-phone companies — RIM and Nokia — to switch to Android. "Then it would be a GIANT."
"If a Google Phone actually exists, it's a mistake (GOOG)"

Relax. The Google phone is still just a rumor: To read the breathless headlines, says JR Raphael in PC World, one would "think the so-called Google Phone is as good as on store shelves." But all we have is TechCrunch's report, based on an anonymous source, balanced against Google's denial. Rumors get people's attention -- but that doesn't make them true.
"Reality check: Google phone far from a sure thing"