Kirstie Alley is partnering with A&E to star in her own 2010 reality TV series documenting her "fight to lose weight while raising two teenagers." This is hardly innovative, note commentators: Alley headlined Showtime’s Fat Actress, a 2005 semiautobiographical series based on her life in thinness-obsessed Hollywood—and later became a Jenny Craig spokes-dieter. Haven’t we seen this all before? (Watch Kirstie Alley in a scene from "Fat Actress")

Who cares? Americans crave weight-loss TV: "In case you didn’t get the memo," says Lisa de Moraes at The Washington Post, fat is the new American Idol. It doesn’t matter that this formula is tired: "Old hands" like serial loser Alley know what they’re doing.
"Kirstie Alley to perform weight-loss encore"

Alley is so relatable audiences will eat it up: "She’s the perfect fit for a reality show," says Pamela Sitt at "Everyone in America can sympathize with a single mom who’s trying to raise kids, lose weight, and find a good man." At the very least, Alley beats her reality TV competition: she’s "way more interesting than those bozos with eight kids."
"Kirstie Alley lands reality TV series"

Enough about Kirstie’s weight issues: We thought we had seen the last of Alley’s diet struggles when she made her triumphant 2006 Oprah appearance in a bikini, says Actress Archives. "We laughed, we cried, we recoiled. We’re not sure we can go through it all again." (Watch Kirstie Alley show off her bikini body on Oprah)
"Kirstie Alley headed for reality television"