GOOD DAY FOR: Steve Jobs, as the Apple CEO earned $300 million Wednesday, at least on paper, after Apple’s stock rose to record levels on a positive earnings report, adding $120 million to Jobs’ portfolio, and Disney inched up 87 cents, earning him $120 million in paper profits. As of September, Jobs was the 43rd richest American, with a fortune of $5.1 billion. (Fortune)

BAD DAY FOR: Good taste, after Microsoft teamed up with Burger King in Japan to create the Windows 7 Whopper, a seven-patty behemoth that is 5.1 inches tall and costs 777 yen (about $8.50). Other Windows 7 promotions include giving a copy of the new operating system to every resident of the Dutch village Zevenhuizen (“Seven Houses”) and redecorating the Spanish town Sietes (“Sevens”). (Electronista, via The Inquisitr)

Wednesday: Good day for Carnegie Hall roadies, Bad day for financial wizardry
Tuesday: Good day for high finance, Bad day for fiscal responsibility
Monday: Good day for taking a big cut, Bad day for business casual