The "balloon boy" story was nothing, said Rita Pereira in Bumpshack. If you want to witness "a real miracle," take a look at the now famous "baby stroller train" video, which shows a stroller roll off a subway platform in Australia and get run over by a train (watch the baby stroller video). The 6-month-old baby "was rescued safe and sound," with nothing more than a bump on the head.

Not only did the baby survive, said Edward Glazarev in the New York Daily News, but he was rescued with "barely a scratch." And the train had dragged the stroller 130 feet! The security-camera footage showed that the baby's distraught mother looked away for only a second, and tried desperately to grab the stroller as it rolled onto the tracks.

So long, balloon boy Falcon Heene, said Joshua McIntire in The world has a new tiny media hero. Even knowing the happy outcome, the baby stroller train video is horrifying to watch. "Whether or not the child is from Krypton has yet to be divulged, but this was one Super baby!"