GOOD DAY FOR: Spiritual growth, as megachurches are turning out to be a bright spot in California’s otherwise dreary economy. California has a national high of 193 megachurches—defined as churches with at least 2,000 congregants—with most of them in the “Southern California Bible Belt” between L.A. and San Diego. Megachurchs on average attract 4,100 people each weekend; most churches attract 500 or fewer on Sunday. (Los Angeles Times)

BAD DAY FOR: A reliable sidekick, after Microsoft and T-Mobile said over the weekend that a server error at Microsoft’s Danger subsidiary resulted in the loss of some Sidekick users’ personal data, including phone numbers, contact names, and photos. T-Mobile teams up with Danger to store customers’ smartphone data in servers, and this loss is another embarrassment for the push toward “cloud” computing. (The New York Times)

Friday: Good day for a golden opportunity; Bad day for a smooth upper lip