GOOD DAY FOR: Selling entertainment, after General Electric confirmed speculation that it’s in talks to spin off or sell part of its 80 percent stake in NBC Universal. Vivendi, which holds the other 20 percent, is reportedly looking to shed its ownership to buy Brazilian telecom GTV. Comcast is widely expected to bid for a stake of NBC, with sources saying the cable giant is shooting for 51 percent ownership. (Reuters)

BAD DAY FOR: Bells and whistles
, as toymakers, facing the worst Christmas shopping season in years, are looking back to the classics—Candy Land board game, Star Wars Lego sets, Barbie—to attract value-conscious shoppers. Toy executives say familiar toys are comforting to consumers, and cutting out the bells and whistles of higher-tech toys keeps down costs, as well. (MarketWatch)

Thursday: Good day for Wave fishing; Bad day for .us

Wednesday: Good day for being green; Bad day for street cred