"Love Happens is the rare Hollywood romance concerned with emotions other than love at first sight," said Dan Kois in The Washington Post. Jennifer Aniston "brings a lot of heart" to her role as an "unlucky in love" florist who falls for a suffering motivational-speaker played by Aaron Eckhart, who gives a "solid" performance. "There's a deep vein of grief running through Love Happens" (watch the trailer) and this movie "might catch you by surprise."

"Eckhart and Aniston are mighty appealing," said Randy Cordova in The Arizona Republic, and Love Happens is a "generally pleasant" film. But first-time director Brandon Camp "never succeeds in showing what brings" the lead couple together—"there is no heat between the actors, and the script doesn't fill in the blanks."

"Eckhart plays 'broken' for the whole movie and Aniston plays herself—as a florist," said Roger Moore in the Orlando Sentinel. To make matters worse, the movie just isn't very funny, it's "sad" yet fails to "bring tears," and it doesn't even come close to creating any "sparks—that's a crying shame."

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