"Megan Fox's mouth has caught up with her," said UsMagazine.com. After the 23-year-old actress "publicly compared Transformers director Michael Bay to Adolf Hitler" recently, three anonymous crew members who have worked with the director for the past 10 years posted a "scathing letter" on the Transformers website calling Fox "dumb-as-a-rock," as well as "thankless, classless," and "graceless." They even went so far as to "mock the comparison of Fox to action star Angelina Jolie"—good for them!

The crew members certainly gave Fox a "public spanking," said Jefferson Reid in E! Online. But did they really think they would "teach" the "über-hottie" a lesson by posting a negative letter about her online? All they're doing is "giving her more publicity." Not too bright.

Both sides were a little foolish, said Margaret Lyons in Entertainment Weekly, so let's "call this a draw." Comparing Michael Bay to Hitler "isn't a great idea, but neither is talking crap on the Internet about a co-worker you don't like." Let's just hope this whole thing ends quickly.