With 75 security cameras focused on the Yale lab building where police found a body believed to be Annie Le's, said Wendy Murphy in The Daily Beast, "odds are excellent the killer will be identified quickly." In fact, police probably already have an idea who did it. "Which means they are watching that person closely to see how he or she reacts" to the discovery of what investigators believe to be the Yale graduate student's body on what was supposed to be her wedding day.

It's not much consolation, said Jessica Wakeman in The Frisky, but at least it looks like police have found so much evidence, including bloody clothes, in the lab building that Annie Le's family and fiance, Columbia grad student Jonathan Widawsky, will soon have answers. Nobody who knew Le thought for a minute that she was a "runaway bride"—"all evidence indicated she was really excited to get married," which makes a horrible tragedy somehow even worse.

There's an "added shock" when something so terrible happens at a place like Yale, said Michael Daly in the New York Daily News. Everybody knows that bad things can happen anywhere—so this doesn't mean that Yale's campus is suddenly a dangerous place. But Yale "truly is a place of learning and truth. A killing there is as upsetting as a killing in a church."