"For all its frozen blood, assaults with ice axes, and killer weather," said Roger Moore in the Orlando Sentinel, director Dominic Sena's new movie Whiteout (watch the trailer) "turns out to be only a pale imitation of the thriller it might have been." Kate Beckinsale stars as a U.S. Marshal tracking a killer in Antarctica, but she doesn't "put a lot of effort into" the role, and the film fails to "generate much excitement or mystery."

The things that really make Whiteout "disappointing," said Matthew Turner in View London, are "confusing direction and a nonsensical plot." And the movie "peaks early with an entirely gratuitous scene involving Beckinsale stripping down to her underwear and taking a shower." But Beckinsale's performance throughout makes Whiteout "watchable," and she gets "good support from twinkly old Tom Skerritt."

Kate Beckinsale "is a great actress," said Aaron W. Tellock in Examiner.com, and Whiteout is a movie that "everyone will enjoy." This fascinating thriller features striking "imagery," and the "extremely bizarre series of killings" that Beckinsale's character investigates will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.