Sorry, new parents, your babies are racist, said Matt Coker in California's Orange County Weekly. That "unwelcome news" comes from a Newsweek story about a study by University of Texas researcher Brigitte Vittrup, who found that small white children had negative ideas about racial differences, even though their parents were raising them to be "colorblind." The study found that 14 percent of those kids—ages 5 to 7—said their parents didn't like black people; 38 percent said they didn't know how their parents felt.

The message here, Caucasians, is that you're never "clean of the moonbat answer to original sin"—racism, said Stop the ACLU. Newsweek's conclusion is that liberal attempts to instill multiculturalist ideology through videos and other "propaganda" don't work, so "parents must redouble brainwashing efforts, and start them even earlier."

Parents are the ones responsible for shaping their children's attitudes, said Steven Reynolds in The "disturbing" lesson from Brigitte Vittrup's research is that avoiding discussion of race doesn't cut it. "As parents, we have a job to do, and that is to affirmatively protect our children from developing racist attitudes, and that means we must examine our own souls and attitudes, and then talk the talk."