Actress Demi Moore and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton "have gone to war" on Twitter, said MTV UK. Moore recently accused Hilton of engaging in child pornography after he posted links on his Twitter page to photos of her 15-year-old daughter, Tallulah Willis, in "a revealing dress." Hilton quickly tweeted back, "I would not let my 15-year-old daughter dress like that under ANY context. You are delusional and slightly senile!" Now "both sides may be taking legal action" against each other—this could get interesting.

It could definitely be argued that "Tallulah shouldn't have been allowed to wear the outfit that was showing so much cleavage," said Rachel Tobin in But Hilton "pointing out the cleavage on a 15-year-old" was "definitely uncalled for." Still, as distasteful as it was for Hilton to do so, it wasn't "quite 'child porn.'"

Perez Hilton is a hypocrite, said Laura Schreffler and Amanda Sidman in the New York Daily News. On Tyra Banks' show Tuesday, the "controversial" Hilton "promised" the model that he wouldn't "bad-mouth celebrities under the age of 18 for six months." But the irony is, the episode was shot on Aug. 18—almost a month before he linked to the "unflattering shot" of Tallulah Willis.