It looks like "werewolves might get their shining moment of glory," said Terri Schwartz in's Hollywood Crush. With the "vampire hysteria" of Twilight and True Blood seemingly nearing a peak, "the higher-ups at MTV" have ordered a pilot for a television remake of the 1985 movie Teen Wolf (watch the trailer). "If vampires have become the embodiment of beauty and sexual desire," then "werewolves are the outsiders from the group"—and a lot of people can relate to that. Look for a "transition from vamps to werewolves" in pop culture "over the next few years."

"Just because MTV has decided to film the pilot" for Teen Wolf, said Matt Carrick in, "doesn't mean the show will make it to the airwaves." But still, it does say "a lot that this long-gestating project has even come this far." And there does seem to be something in the air: "Universal's remake of The Wolf Man" (watch the trailer) is coming to theaters in February.

Werewolves are becoming "popular,” said Jason Hughes in TV Squad, but still—Teen Wolf? The movie version starring Michael J. Fox "was infectious fun back in 1985," but "by the time we got to Jason Bateman and Teen Wolf Too (watch the trailer), a lot of the luster had worn off." And have we really reached a point of such "creative laziness where it's just easier to try and sell the public on a property they've already heard of than something brand-new?"