"After more than 12 years of hubris and arrogance," said George Pitcher in the Daily Telegraph, "one of the most misguided experiments of modern times has run its course"—Britpop band Oasis has split up. Noel Gallagher is quitting the band following a fight with his brother, Liam, before a scheduled gig in Paris last Friday. Good riddance—"the Gallaghers aspired to be the new Lennon & McCartney," but "Oasis was no less and no more than a Beatles tribute band."

Oasis should have "stopped" after their 1995 album (What's the Story) Morning Glory?, said Penny Anderson in the London Guardian. If they had, they would have been "remembered as legends, not flawed and faded icons." The band's "magic is long dead," but, "no matter what you think of them" now, you can't deny that they "had the tunes" in the old days.

It may not be completely over, said Angry Ape. The brothers’ mother, Peggy Gallagher, "says the split is not likely to be a permanent one" and that "Oasis will get back together again in the future." And "another name close to the band—former record label boss Alan McGee—also feels that Noel's decision isn't final." Stay tuned.