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Results: We asked you to come up with the title of a song Bob Dylan might write for his upcoming Christmas album.

FIRST PRIZE: Stuck Inside a Chimney with the Fat Man Blues Again
Ermalinda R. White, Union, NJ (first of many similar entries)
SECOND PRIZE: Oh The Ties, They Need Exchanging
Bonnie Ingram, Leavenworth, KS
THIRD PRIZE: He Ain't Real, Babe
Sarah Carr, Cranston, RI

Blood Pudding On The Tracks
Robert Martin, Riverton, UT
Tangled Up in Lights.
Susan Smith Jones, Peachtree City, GA (and others)

Don't Think Twice, It's All White
Graham Rice, Milford, PA
Positively 34th Street
William Lebzelter, Buffalo Grove, IL (and others)
Sleigh, Lady, Sleigh
Judy White, Milford, PA (and others)
(I ain't gonna work for) Santa's Elves (no more).
Barbara Capwell, Queen Creek, AZ
Magi's Farm
Ed De Lorenzo, Brooklyn (and others)
Prancer is Glowin' in the Wind
Cydnee Farmer, South Jordan, UT

Stuck Behind the Reindeer with the Sleigh Bell Blues Again
Seth Richard, Winter Springs, FL
Stuck Inside My Bedroom Drinkin' Santa's Booze Again
Cutler Barry, Palm Desert, CA

White on White
Donna Chenault, Decatur GA
House of the Risin' Son
Bonnie Ingram, Leavenworth, KS

Hey Mr. Nazarene Man
Steve Kaplan, St Louis Park, MN
The Chimes They Are A-Clangin'
Richard Carpenter, Danvers, MA (and others)
Hark! The Herald Angels Mumble
Bill Muse, Seattle
Highway 61 Regifted
Dan Coates, St. Louis, MO

Santa was a Rolling Stone
Sukie McCormick, Richmond, VA (and others)
Knocking on Wal-Mart's Door
Leslie Baker, Kenao, AK
Layaway, Lady, Layaway.
Tammis Dowling, Landenberg, PA
Ballad of a Fat Man
David Sward, Kensington, MD (and others)

God Rest Ye Merry Zimmerman
Michael Kay, Hartford, CT