Madonna has always been a fitness fanatic, said Britain's Metro, but it looks as if she has "pumped one dumb bell too many." The pop superstar reportedly has been working out for two hours a day, six days a week since she started getting in shape for her "Sticky and Sweet" tour. But a photo of the pop superstar in a T-shirt shows that Madonna's "grueling" regime has given her a "frightening" look.

"Madonna's muscles are not particularly oversized," said Britain's Daily Mail, "compared with, say, an Olympic athlete, but what is unusual is how toned and well-defined they are." That's because Madonna has eliminated most of her body fat, the way a body-builder does. Those Madonna biceps wouldn't perform well athletically, though, because at this point she'd have "slight malnourishment issues."

How "does a 50-year-old woman get her arms to look like that?" said ABC News entertainment reporter Sheila Marikar in The Huffington Post. More importantly, why? Those "buff-beyond-belief" Madonna biceps "lift a lot, for sure, but they don't look like they've picked up an ice-cream cone in weeks." Madonna would surely be happier if she relaxed, and "stopped striving for the body of a Greco-Roman god."