John Edwards is “out of luck,” said George Rush and Joanna Malloy in the New York Daily News, if he hoped the sex scandals of Sen. John Ensign and Gov. Mark Sanford would make people forget his own affair with videographer Rielle Hunter. Ex–Edwards campaign aide Andrew Young just signed a deal for a book reportedly telling of a sex tape showing Edwards “taking positions that weren’t on his official platform” with his former mistress.

Young also says that, despite an earlier take-one-for-the-team admission, he isn’t the father of Hunter’s child, said John Hinderaker and Paul Mirengoff in Power Line. Edwards is. “No surprise there.” But since Young lied about fathering the child, why would anyone believe him about the sex tape, or anything else? Truthful or not, though, this lucrative “exposé” can be thought of as one last gift from Edwards to a once “absurdly loyal” aide.

It’s also a gift to Sanford, said Deuce Geary in The Skepticrats. As if the deaths of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett weren’t enough to knock his Argentine affair “out of the most-written about story slot,” he now gets this potential bombshell to fill the politician sex-scandal slot, too.