"For such a little person," said Perez Hilton, "Danny DeVito knows how to pack a six-pack away!" On the set of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Tuesday morning, the 64-year-old actor drank his way through a live interview with a local Philadelphia reporter, and the results were "completely and ridiculously inappropriate—which is just how we like it!" (watch the Danny DeVito interview)

For being "drunk at 8 a.m.," said Bunny With Fangs, DeVito managed to accomplish a lot in a short period of time. "He talks about childbirth, hits on the reporter, and embarrasses his posse of people all in, like, three minutes"—this interview was "epic."

This isn't the first time Danny DeVito's appeared tipsy on morning TV, said Tim Surette in TV.com. "DeVito also famously appeared under the influence on an episode of The View." (watch) At least during his latest display, his Sunny cast mates were there to attempt some "damage control, but once the beast is out of the cage, all they can really do is watch him do his thing."

DeVito's rep insists that the whole thing was an act, said Radar Online. But considering DeVito's record with public drunkenness, and the fact the he has his very own brand of limoncello, you have to wonder. But either way, his interview in Philadelphia on Tuesday was highly entertaining.