"Carrie Prejean is officially out as Miss California USA because she doesn't play well with others," said TMZ. The controversial beauty queen—who clashed with blogger Perez Hilton because of her anti-gay marriage stance, and who almost lost her crown for posing topless in photos—was fired by the producers of the Miss California pageant for "breaching her contract." Apparently, Prejean "has been a no-show for appearances" and hasn't been asking for "clearance to do her extracurricular" projects.

"What a difference a few weeks has made," said Lisa Gutierrez in the Kansas City Star. Just last month, Miss USA organization co-owner Donald Trump decided to let Prejean keep her crown despite "controversy over topless photos of her that surfaced online." But Prejean will probably be fine. She reportedly "wants to write a book," and maybe Fox will give her a job—"she recently subbed as a host on the network's morning show Fox & Friends."

All I can say to Carrie Prejean, said Michael Musto in The Village Voice, is good riddance! "I'm thrilled about this turn of events—it's poetic justice." She's not a "nice" person, she's a hypocrite, and her anti–gay marriage comments during the Miss USA pageant were not only intolerant, they were "dim-witted."