“That Miss California crown may be still firmly affixed to her head,” said Sheila Marikar in ABCNews.com, “but controversy won’t stop swirling around Carrie Prejean and her family.” Now Valerie Vetrano, an openly gay woman from Corona, Calif., “claims she had a lesbian relationship with Prejean's mom, Francine Coppola.” Here we go again.

This seems pretty hard to believe, said Hollywood Grind. “We want to hear from Francine”—until we do, we’re not going to take this latest rumor too seriously. Then again, “during their divorce, both Francine and her ex-husband accused each other of having gay relationships during their marriage,” so who knows at this point.

We don’t usually “believe much of what we hear surrounding Carrie Prejean,” said Women on the Web, “but this latest gossip has us wondering if the controversial Miss California’s mother is a closeted lesbian.” According to Valerie Vetrano, Francine Coppola kept their affair a secret because she knew her Christian family would never understand. Given Carrie Prejean’s feelings about gay marriage, Vetrano “may be onto something there.”