Mary Louise Parker doesn’t think the world needs to see her nipples, said Margaret Lyons in Entertainment Weekly, but she’s wrong. Parker told More magazine that the director of the Showtime hit series Weeds goaded her into doing a nude scene last season, and now she regrets going through with it. But the scene wasn't gratuitous—baring all while she glumly soaked in a bathtub showed that her character—a pot-dealing suburban mom—had hit bottom.

Director Roberto Benabib won out, said celebrity blog The Hollywood Gossip, by insisting that the nude scene would show the vulnerability of Mary Louise Parker’s character, Nancy. Parker’s argument was that the video clip would end up all over the Internet, prompting creepy ogling of her nipples—and she was right, of course. It’s easy enough to understand why she says she’s “bitter.”

Parker may have regrets, said the gossip blog Celebitchy, but her “hard-core disagreement” with Benabib over this nude scene is already showing signs of blowing over. Parker told More she has lots of ideas for “the direction she wants Weeds to go in—less sentimental, less crude, and more extreme dramatically.” The bottom line is that she looks great at 44, and has a great “attitude about aging and work,” so Parker’s career is on the right path.