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Results: In these recessionary times, we asked you to predict the name of the first restaurant to serve dog food to humans (since a recent study found many people couldn’t tell the difference between mashed up pate, liverwurst and doggie chow anyway). You gave us paws with: Bone Appetite. Yuppie Chow. The Barker Lounge. Bark Obama’s. The Wet Food Bowl. Bone Jour! Wolfgang Pugs. Alternatively: Woofgang Puck’s. And the best thing about all of them, of course? Ample barking.
FIRST PRIZE: Rrrrrrrrrby’s.
Paul Raff, Santa Monica, CA
SECOND PRIZE: Come! Sit! Stay!
Beverly Marshall Saling, Seattle (and others, similar)

THIRD PRIZE: Times Are Ruff
Mike Newman, Plainsboro, NJ (and others, similar)

Pete Caritas, Minneapolis (and others)
The Doggie Bag
Holly McEntee, Madison, WI (and others)
Liz Daniel, Cincinnati
Man’s Best Food
Hank Gibson, Weston, FL

The Auto-Mutt
Miles Klein, Frisco, TX

T.G.I. Fido’s
Kathryn T. Van Sciver, Indianapolis (and others)

The Olive Guarddog
Carrie Sullivan, Alexandria, VA

Marley and Meat
Ryan Michael Liu, Millbrae, CA
The Cafeterrier
Jane Maddock, Dillon, MT

Christ and Laura Markos, Santa Fe, NM

I Can’t Believe It’s Doggie Chow!
Ngamtaa Bailey, Gilbert, AZ

Best in Show
Phyliss Shanken, Colmar, PA (and others)

Joe Butterworth, Clarkdale, AZ

Iams Hungry Like the Woof
Steve Rogers, Los Angeles

The Dog Ate It
Barbara Shaw, Chicago