Jessica Biel “has had bad luck with her latest movies,” said Richard Johnson in the New York Post. “Not even scenes” of the beautiful 27-year-old “dancing topless as a stripper in Powder Blue” could get the film a theatrical release—it’s “going straight to DVD in June.” (watch the trailer for Powder Blue) And Biel’s upcoming movie Easy Virtue is only getting “a limited release by Sony on May 22.” (watch the trailer for Easy Virtue)

Well, the good news, said Cher Tippetts in Entertainmentwise, is that “Jessica Biel has all the necessary requirements to become a real-life stripper, according to the woman who trained her in the art of exotic dance” for Powder Blue. It’s comforting to know that Biel could pursue that career path “should the Hollywood roles ever dry up, which could be a real possibility following Powder Blue.”

Powder Blue is much more than "the Jessica Biel Stripper Movie," said Brandon Cozart in Blogcritics Magazine. It’s a “fascinating film” that captures “something very real and true about life—a feat which most of Hollywood either avoids or fails miserably at.” Hopefully, Powder Blue will be remembered as the “good piece of art” that it is.