After 28 years of marriage, Mel Gibson’s wife filed for divorce last Thursday, said Radar Online. Robyn Gibson cited “irreconcilable differences” as one of the reasons for the split, but could it really have something to do with her husband’s “relationship with raven-haired beauty Oksana”? The actor was “caught embracing the Russian musician in the waters near his Costa Rican getaway” recently, and that wasn’t the first time the two had been spotted together.

That’s probably not the reason why Gibson’s wife is leaving him, said Oliver Jones in People. Our “source confirms” that Mel and Robyn Gibson have actually “been separated for three years.” Apparently, the couple split up around the time Mel “had reached a personal nadir when he was pulled over for a DUI in Malibu”—the “notorious roadside incident in which he made anti-Semitic remarks.”

Well, whatever the case may be, said TMZ, this divorce could end up costing Mel Gibson a lot of money. “Sources tell us there is no prenuptial agreement,” and the couple was married before Mel amassed his estimated $900 million fortune. Under California divorce laws, “community property—which includes earnings—is divided 50/50.”