The perils of breaking dog-walking rules
A Florida man may lose his home because he walked his dog without a leash. A court has ordered Robert Wirth Jr. to pay $40,000 in fines, back interest, and legal fees in his legal battle with the River Watch Homeowners Association in Tarpon Springs, which cited him for breaking its dog-walking rules seven years ago. The homeowners association has filed a lien and Wirth—who owes his own lawyer $60,000—now faces foreclosure. “We’re running out of money,” he says.

Spokane residents smuggle dishwasher detergent

Spokane residents are smuggling in dishwasher detergent to evade a new ban on phosphate-containing cleaners. Many consumers say the “green,” phosphate-free detergents they’ve bought leave their dishes greasy and encrusted with food. So they’re driving to Idaho to load up on Electrosol and Cascade. “Yes, I’m a smuggler,” said resident Patti Marcotte. “I’m taking my chances because dirty dishes I cannot live with.”