Fox News is going on offense, said Howard Kurtz in The Washington Post. With the launch of The Fox Nation, an opinionated website, Fox is hoping to “leverage its brand online, especially among conservative true believers,” by broadening the reach of “high-decibel” stars such as Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck to an online audience. Maybe Fox's right-leaning brand can tap into anti-administration anger the way MSNBC gained in the ratings by “moving sharply left” during the Bush years.

So, with the launch of The Fox Nation, Fox is finally and officially seceding from the union, said media blog News Corpse. The excuse is Obama’ allegedly “neo-Socialist” path. But “it was just a matter of time. With all of the white-hot, ultra-hyperbolic invective radiating from Fox News screens across the land, there was really no escaping the obvious end game.”

Of course the rabid Fox News Channel haters are “going nuts,” said Cathryn Friar in Right Pundits. The Fox Nation’s tagline—“It's time to say NO to biased media and say YES to fair play and free speech"— is "red meat for those on the Left who hate Fox!" Let's hope Fox can show the people who scream about FNC’s so-called bias, while applauding the “extreme pro-Obama coverage” in the rest of the media, what truly open dialogue looks like.

It's not like Fox will be taking a position on the issues, said Grover Norquist in Fox Nation will be a forum where all Americans can speak out on important issues. That gives this website "the potential to do to the Internet what Fox News did to cable television. That is, be a disruptive, transformative—but also profoundly constructive—media force."