“It just keeps getting worse for Alex Rodriguez,” said the Gossip Girls. As if admitting to steroid use and being ridiculed for his Details photo shoot weren’t enough. Now Eliot Spitzer's former madam, Kristen Davis, says she had a relationship wtih New York Yankees third baseman Rodriguez—and lined him up with prositutes back in 2006.

Look, said Sean Serritella in the Bleacher Report, “prostitution is the oldest profession in the world and men will always want to pay for sex.” It angers me that A-Rod took steroids, but who cares if he hired hookers? That’s his business, and it has nothing to do with his ability to play baseball.

Let’s also keep in mind that Kristen Davis has a book to sell, said Kyle Munzenrieder in the Miami New Times, so we should take her allegations with a grain of salt. But whether this latest news is true or not, it doesn’t matter: “Alex Rodriguez's baseball hero cred is pretty much shot” at this point anyway, “and it's a sad thing to watch.”