Solio Charger
The three blades of this solar-powered charger “fan out to soak up sun and convert into nine hours of sonic juice.”
Price: $169.95; Contact:
Source: Men’s Fitness

The WildCharge
About the size of a mouse pad, this sleek mat can replace “the hideous mass of heavy, ugly, black power bricks” on your desk, providing wire-free power for specially outfitted devices.
Price: $60; Contact:
Source: The New York Times

The Powerstick is the “size of a stick of gum” and comes with nine tips that charge anything from your iPod to your BlackBerry.
Price: $59.99; Contact:
Source: Orange County, Calif., Register

The Sanctuary
This clean-looking tray powers up as many as a dozen gadgets “while providing storage space for personal items such as credit cards, wallets, loose change, and keys.”
Price: $129.95; Contact:
Source: Metropolis

Never lose power with this nifty multiple-device charger, which can fuel “up to six devices, via wall outlet or a car adaptor.”
Price: $39.95, $9.95 per additional adaptor; Contact:
Source: The New York Times