U.S. Marines recruit 79-year-old woman
A 79-year-old Florida woman has received an urgent invitation to join the U.S. Marines. Opal Walker, who is retired, says the letter arrived by “priority overnight” mail. “Dear Opal,” it began. “Do you think you have what it takes to be a Marine? Are you prepared for one of the most demanding challenges you will ever face?” Walker isn’t sure that she is, but plans to report to the local recruiting office anyway. “Here I am,” Walker plans to say. “Where do you want me?”

Iowa's DOA debate
Some senior citizens are objecting to Iowa’s decision to change the Department of Elder Affairs to the Department of Aging. The renamed agency’s acronym, DOA, is sometimes used to mean Dead on Arrival. “You can’t have an acronym like this when you’re referring to elderly people,” said State Rep. Dave Heaton, 68. “I am offended.” The department’s communications director promised the new name would be abbreviated to “DA,” not “DOA.”