Big City clock
This “nostalgic” timepiece’s “Wall Street” styling summons the spirit of the 1980s.
Price: $70; Contact:
Source: Details

Space Temps
In this “zygotic take on the wall clock,” hours and minutes are “divided” on two distinct ceramic faces.
Price: $385; Contact:
Source: I.D.

Mantel Dome
Cedric Ragot’s “glass-encased” timepiece is “an ode to the carriage clock”—the kind “that 19th-century somebodies like Jules Verne took on their travels.”
Price: $228; Contact:
Source: Details

Font Clock
Sebastian Wrong’s design tells the time in 12 typefaces that “cycle at intervals through the day, date, and time.”
Price: $399; Contact:
Source: I.D.

LED and wood block piece
Kouji Iwasaki’s “high-low tech” timekeeper looks like a plain block of wood—until you turn it on.
Price: $176?; Contact:
Source: New York