"Just when you think Blago-gate can't get any slimier," said Michelle Malkin in her blog, "along comes another corruption angle on the story." The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the son of Sen. Roland Burris—whom impeached Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich appointed to replace President Obama in the Senate—is a federal tax deadbeat, and received a $75,000-a-year job from Blagojevich's administration five months ago.

It gets better, said Mark Silva in the Chicago Tribune. The younger Burris' new job is as a lawyer at the state housing authority, even though his own home has gone into foreclosure. It'll be harder for Burris Sr. to keep his seat now that the state attorney general has ruled that state lawmakers can cut his term short by calling a special election.

Obviously, Burris should have come clean about his son's job, said the Chicago Sun-Times in an editorial. But the plan to shove Burris out the door with a special election will only invite an "ugly court fight." So let's investigate "every dark and sordid detail" of Burris' appointment, but accept that Illinois is "stuck with Sen. Burris" for now.