GOOD DAY FOR: Suiting up, after a new survey by Harlequin Enterprises found that Canadians now find people in business suits sexier than perennial objects of desire like firemen, rock stars, and models. Harlequin attributed the rise in white collar stock to a broader shift toward desiring what is real and available. “Given the global financial crisis, suits and business attire are the new hot uniforms, since they remind us of what really turns us on: employment,” says humorist Robert Lanham. (The Montreal Gazette)

BAD DAY FOR: Taxidermists, after a South Korean company said it has developed a new cloning technology that will halve the cost of cloning your pet pooch. The price tag will still be in the tens of thousands—currently it costs about $100,000 to clone a pet dog—but RNL Bio says the greater ease and success rate of its fat-drawn stem cell technology will put dog cloning at closer reach to devoted owners. (Reuters)